The core abilities of programs want to educate as follows:

  • The abilities of observing and analyzing environmental migration/changes.
  • The abilities of integrating and applying environmental science theories
  • The interdisciplinary and international view of the environmental economy
  • The analyzing abilities of environmental issues and management strategies

In order to achieve the above goals, the courses of the program are designed with the following ability dimensions:

Competency Attributes Description
Attitude and Orientation Actively exploring and learning
Constructing the theoretical foundation of research
Interdisciplinary and multiple learning
Understanding the importance of interpersonal communication and environmental ethics
Professional Skills:
Multi-development and Interdisciplinary Integration
Constructing the ability of examining and analyzing the environmental issues
Constructing the ability of solving and discussing the environmental problems
Constructing the ability of investigating and analyzing the environmental information
Cooperation ability and team work
Service ability for the community ecology and society
Global Context
Understanding and respecting the natural environment and ecology
Understanding the environmental migration of the Earth and its dynamic connection with ecological evolution.
Understanding the meaning of life and the environmental ethics